How To Build A Bike Pump Track

A pump track is a continue loop of berms and smooth rollers to create a continuous loop. The big idea is that you can go around the track by just “pumping” your upper body to create the momentum needed to keep going.

These tracks offer the unique opportunity to develop muscle memory. By repeating the technical movements of mountain biking (or BMX) over and over, cyclists are able to make the neural connections needed for muscle memory.

These tracks provide a lot of practice is a small space.

You don’t need much space to put together a pump track, and it can be build in a couple of afternoons with just a skidsteer and some shovels. Of course, some folks prepare to skip the skidsteer, and, if that is you, plan on spending a few more weeks on the project.

You will likely want to limit the number of turns as berms are one of the hardest parts of building a pump track. Because of that, you will likely want to keep your tracks with longer sections with rollers and limit those turns.

The first feature out of a turn should be the biggest to help the rider generate speed for the rest of the track.

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