Lose some weight, eh?

I get it, more than you know. You want to get in shape and the only thing that consistently motivates you to get your ass of the couch is the same thing that has always motivated you: a killer sesh on the BMX.

Sure, you don’t shred like you used to, but that was 3 kids and 8 girlfriends ago.

Just doing a tailwhip is a victory these days. But if tailwhipping is how you are gonna get back on top of the game, then, by George, you are gonna tailwhip everybody else outta the skate park.

No. Literally. They all left. You are that terrifying.

I can make fun, because I’ve spent too much time in the 200 pound range. A little kid trapped in an adult body that doesn’t give a shit about my little kid dreams. Well, screw that, body. I’m here to make dreams happen.

Robbie Morales Patron Saint

I frigging love Robbie. I mean, guys, look at that angelic grin. Makes you wanna bush some teeth out. But then you watch him shred and his reckless abandonment and total commitment to the craft leaves you wondering how he still has any fecking teeth left.

I mean, watch this.

and, this, for some mental mindset.

Redline Asset

So, yeah, guys. If your local bike shops still carry BMX (too many don’t even carry BMX bikes anymore), stop by and see if they have a chromoly frame with wheels that have double-walled rims.

If you can get a setup like that, it should hold up to most of your tricking and you can always just upgrade parts as they wear out.

As yo know, the sky is the limit in this sport, and you can drop a grand on a sweet ride. But we ain’t in the sport to impress anyone else — just ourselves. Save the dough.

If you are looking for a high quality BMX that you can purchase online, I’m going to suggest the Redline Asset. I know that most of us think of the Redline as a BMX – only ride and few of us associate it with freestyle.

But they’ve become a solid freestyle option in the pst decade, and this bike is built for maximum value.

The 3 piece cranks, 14 mm axles and sealed wheel bearings help underscore the durability of this ride.

The heavy athlete will appreciate that this bike comes mostly rideable directly out of the box and is built to withstand all of the craziness you think of.

This bike is imported and sold by Diamondback, and we’re having extremely good luck with Diamondback bikes. Their customer service and warranty is top notch. Better service than some bike shops give.

Here is another fatty like me who is just killing it at the park I love these videos. They remind me that the party isn’t over until I say it is. I need to quit making excuses and start living again.

We might be a lot to love, but we have a lot of love to give.

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