How To Make A Cheap Bicycle Repair Stand

Bike stands easily run into the $100+ category, especially if you need one robust enough to hold a heavier bike. Making your own out of materials that you likely have sitting around, can be an easy way to save money while making bike repairs much easier (and more enjoyable!)

Some people use PVC, but steel pipe will create a stronger stand. 1-1/4″ steel plumbing pipe is extremely strong for something like this and will not flex. You can get this pipe from Home Depot or Lowes and it will be threaded on both ends to make it easy to connect the system together.

To begin with, you will need a thick base. A single piece of 3/4″ plywood is likely going to be too thin and will flex. Gluing multiple pieces of plywood together creates a stronger base that helps to keep the bike from moving. Too many folks try to go with too small of a base, and it ruins the entire stand.


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WeThePeople are always on the forefront of style. And their 2017 Justice offering is every bit on point.


It runs about 25 pounds and should go for around $400-$600 in price range depending on what kind of deal that you can find. It looks like it comes with a couple of pegs so you are good with that feature and you have a 3-piece crank. Solid bike for a kid who is getting into Freestyle and wants a ride that can go all the way with them.

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How To Build A Bike Pump Track

A pump track is a continue loop of berms and smooth rollers to create a continuous loop. The big idea is that you can go around the track by just “pumping” your upper body to create the momentum needed to keep going.

These tracks offer the unique opportunity to develop muscle memory. By repeating the technical movements of mountain biking (or BMX) over and over, cyclists are able to make the neural connections needed for muscle memory.

These tracks provide a lot of practice is a small space.

You don’t need much space to put together a pump track, and it can be build in a couple of afternoons with just a skidsteer and some shovels. Of course, some folks prepare to skip the skidsteer, and, if that is you, plan on spending a few more weeks on the project.

You will likely want to limit the number of turns as berms are one of the hardest parts of building a pump track. Because of that, you will likely want to keep your tracks with longer sections with rollers and limit those turns.

The first feature out of a turn should be the biggest to help the rider generate speed for the rest of the track.

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Yo! so ‘parently Haro is all about getting the kids hooked at a young age. And just like your friendly neighborhood drug dealer, he’s hanging out around kindergarten, waiting to give them some of the dopest dope.

Ok, ok, so I’m getting carried away with my analogies. my bad.

But this little Haro butt scooter is pretty sweet. Rad colors, lightweight, it even has the same Logo on it as Dad and Big Brother’s bike, right? super sweet.

So yeah, for a push bike, these are a great choice. I love the fact that kids are so confident on them. This is exactly what you want to see.

Check out this 2 year old tearing up a pump track with his.


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Anyone inside the BMX/Freeride world understands that we are doing God’s work, giving our kids something besides drugs to do after school. Sure, our industry looks scary to the preacher types… most of us have enough tattoos to scare the most forward-thinking Grandpa.

But there is something about BMX that feeds that addictive soul. The constant struggle to win. The constant pressure to keep trying and the unforgiving mother that is freeride: no matter how good you are, she always wants more.

For so many of us, BMX was our salvation.

And it is good to see it paid forward both in donations to the local skate parks and in donations of bikes and supplies to organizations that help kids keep their bikes in rideable shape.

Tucked away in the recesses of Youtube is a powerful, short documentary on the power of donated discount bikes.

Beltline Bikes refurbishes these and offers them for sale to the community at an affordable price, or in a work-exchange opportunity.

For many kids, this work-exchange is the first time they have been trusted with the chance to earn anything. And it teaches them a vital social skill — the importance of providing value in exchange for a reward — that they aren’t likely to easily learn elsewhere.

With fewer than 2,000 views (at the time of this blog post), they have a working model that could spread to other communities.

One of the most heartrending aspects of this work is bike theft. Both through the absent-mindedness of new bike owners that allow themselves to be easy targets, and through the high crime rates that tend to oppress these low income areas, bike thefts are the unspoken soul-crusher of these works.

But these saints continue, freeing one child at a time.

In some communities, the local bike clubs band together to run these donations. They’ll rotate through running a small, inner-city bike shop every weekend, with lines of people waiting for their repairs.

Some of these folks are one bike repair away from not being able to make to work. They are one repair away from not making rent. One repair away from being homeless.

For these locals, a bike donor an repair program is a lifeline.

But the biggest rewards always come from introducing a child to the freedom that only a bicycle can offer.



This Grandma doesn’t know when to quit. I love this. Original OG. 69 year old grandma is still out riding the dirt mounds. Maybe we should send her a bike.

What is this world coming to. 60 is the new 40.

Maybe I need to rethink my retirement strategy.


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This is what we’re about. The freedom that only comes when we get on the bike. The calling that draws us back to the concrete, time after time. It is our sanity. Our only hope. Our life.

Troy Merkle Captures that better than anyone else.

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A broken neck, skull fracture and three brain bleeds can’t keep Scotty Cranmer off the park. He comes back with full gusto. Love this guy.

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Lose some weight, eh?

I get it, more than you know. You want to get in shape and the only thing that consistently motivates you to get your ass of the couch is the same thing that has always motivated you: a killer sesh on the BMX.

Sure, you don’t shred like you used to, but that was 3 kids and 8 girlfriends ago.

Just doing a tailwhip is a victory these days. But if tailwhipping is how you are gonna get back on top of the game, then, by George, you are gonna tailwhip everybody else outta the skate park.

No. Literally. They all left. You are that terrifying.

I can make fun, because I’ve spent too much time in the 200 pound range. A little kid trapped in an adult body that doesn’t give a shit about my little kid dreams. Well, screw that, body. I’m here to make dreams happen.

Robbie Morales Patron Saint

I frigging love Robbie. I mean, guys, look at that angelic grin. Makes you wanna bush some teeth out. But then you watch him shred and his reckless abandonment and total commitment to the craft leaves you wondering how he still has any fecking teeth left.

I mean, watch this.

and, this, for some mental mindset.

Redline Asset

So, yeah, guys. If your local bike shops still carry BMX (too many don’t even carry BMX bikes anymore), stop by and see if they have a chromoly frame with wheels that have double-walled rims.

If you can get a setup like that, it should hold up to most of your tricking and you can always just upgrade parts as they wear out.

As yo know, the sky is the limit in this sport, and you can drop a grand on a sweet ride. But we ain’t in the sport to impress anyone else — just ourselves. Save the dough.

If you are looking for a high quality BMX that you can purchase online, I’m going to suggest the Redline Asset. I know that most of us think of the Redline as a BMX – only ride and few of us associate it with freestyle.

But they’ve become a solid freestyle option in the pst decade, and this bike is built for maximum value.

The 3 piece cranks, 14 mm axles and sealed wheel bearings help underscore the durability of this ride.

The heavy athlete will appreciate that this bike comes mostly rideable directly out of the box and is built to withstand all of the craziness you think of.

This bike is imported and sold by Diamondback, and we’re having extremely good luck with Diamondback bikes. Their customer service and warranty is top notch. Better service than some bike shops give.

Here is another fatty like me who is just killing it at the park I love these videos. They remind me that the party isn’t over until I say it is. I need to quit making excuses and start living again.

We might be a lot to love, but we have a lot of love to give.



Tony Cardona stopped by. We chewed up some dirt and got sick footage. Enjoy.

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